Give Your Guests & Guest Room the 5-Star Treatment

how to prepare for houseguests

Give your houseguests an experience they won’t forget with these guest-ready tips. From bedding basics and bathroom essentials to your own DIY minibar, we have pointers that will make yours THE place to sleep this holiday season and all year through. 


bedding basics



Whether it be a guest bedroom or a blow-up mattress in the family room, the key to comfort is covers! You never know if your guest will sleep hot or cold. With extra layers within arm’s reach, they’re sure to be comfortable no matter their sleep style.

layers bedding

beducation bonus: Keep a thin layer, such as a quilt or coverlet, on your guest bed, and layer a heavier/warmer cover option, such as a duvet, across the bottom of the bed—something your guest can pull up for added warmth.


Awww... Freshly cleaned sheets can't be beat! Especially high-quality sheets, such as our brushed microfiber sheets, which feel like an inviting bedtime embrace! They’re inexpensive and stain/wrinkle resistant, making them the perfect guest-room choice.

luxury sheets

beducation bonus: We recommend freshly washed linens, as sheets can become stale sitting in a closet.


Nothing is worse than sleeping in a bed that’s short on sleeping pillows. Okay… so there are a few worse things in life, but this dilemma can definitely put a damper on guest comfort. Believe it or not, some people sleep with as many as four pillows. (The things you learn working in a bedding store. ;)) Keep your guest sleeping quarters well stocked in the pillow department.

guest room tips

beducation bonus: We suggest down alternative pillows for a guest bed. You never know if your guest will have an allergy to down. (Down throw pillows should be fine; just be aware of items your guest will use for sleeping.)

beyond the bed


Take your lead from your favorite hotel and keep extra toiletries on hand in case your guest forgets something. Contain such essentials in a cute basket displayed in the guest sleeping area specifically. This will tell your friends that these are meant for them. Of course, you can always say as much as you’re helping your company get settled.

bath basket
These are meant for you, friends. Take. Use. Keep. Enjoy!


Don’t forget bathroom must-haves in the guest loo. The shower should be on the ready with full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Beyond the bath, stock those shelves with easy-to-find towels, cotton swabs, tissues, and feminine products. As you welcome your friends, assure them these items are meant for them.

Psst… Another great thing to have in your guests bathroom is a plunger. It’s the last thing someone wants to ask for, after all.


Another hotel-inspired must: a designated luggage location. From hooks for bags and coats to extra hangers to a luggage rack or bench for suitcases, offering a place for peeps to unpack is a thoughtful finishing touch in any guest space.

luggage rack

beducation bonus: A bench placed at the foot of the bed also provides a spot to place decorative pillows when it comes time to hit the hay. Visit Layers Bedding in store to see our many style options.

 bedroom bench



Connections welcome! Have your WiFi password on display so those staying with you can easily connect.

wifi password display

beducation bonus: Boring sticky note, be gone. Display your WiFi password in a cute frame for a little extra pizazz.  


As grandma would say, a well fed guest is a happy guest!

diy minibar

This at-home minibar is the best of both worlds—tasty treats without the outrageous hotel expense. So go ahead and eat, drink, and be merry! 


The last thing you want is a loved one stubbing his or her toe as they make their way from your light switch to your bed. These are uncharted waters, after all. And a well placed bedside lamp is your life preserver. Another nightstand must-have: extra phone chargers and/or easy access to a power source (outlet or extension chord).

nightstand decor ideas

beducation bonus: Go the extra mile with a strategically placed carafe for water. Better yet, opt for a carafe with a cup for its lid.

nightstand must-haves

There you have it! With this list of guest go-tos in place, you’ll be the hottest stay in town. Stop by Layers Bedding in Gardner Village or visit us online for the latest in bedroom looks and at-home ideas.


Five Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

Sweater weather? More like cozy-bedding weather! Use these five simple tips to make your home feel as warm as an inviting hug.


1. Try On Texture

Fall is about all the feels. From wonderful wool to hip knit, texture is an easy way to add warmth to your home. 


You can even add texture to your wall with a woven wall hanging. 


2. Flip Your Bedding Calendar

As you flip the calendar from summer to fall, flip your bedding as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean an overhaul. Sometimes a simple accent pillow adjustment can make all the difference. Take a look!

By swapping the bright yellow and teal with burnt orange and gray/green, the bed takes on a richer autumn appearance. 


3. Make it a Duvet Kind of Day

Just as you layer your clothing this time of year, layer your bedding. Place a duvet over your quilt but not layer for layer. Instead, fold it at the bottom of your bed for a lofty, inviting finish. If you get cool at night, it’s ready and waiting. 


See our complete collection of duvets to find your perfect match!

4. Throw On a Throw

Time for the top coat. Whether draped across the base of your bed or along the side of your sofa, a throw adds so much. It’s an inexpensive way to make a big impact. And keep your feet warm! 


We have a throw for every budget. Believe it or not, the SUPER soft (and cute!) Sherpa Pompom Throw below is only $19.99!

Seriously! If you want to stock up with holiday presents, hostess gifts, and more, you'll find the gray option here, the pretty pink here, and the classic white right here. Happy shopping!  

5. Choose Fall Hues

Adding autumn colors will absolutely warm up any space. See our Top 4 Fall Hues to Use for our favorite color picks this season. 



See something you love above? Check out Layers Bedding online or visit us in store at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.

4 Fall Hues to Use This Season

Add a splash of spice to your home with our favorite fall colors. These on-trend shades will keep your home warm and inviting as the temps drop. 


1. Inviting Orange

It’s easy to love orange in October, but we aren’t talking the happy Halloween variety. Instead, a deeper shade of burnt orange is taking centerstage. It works well with all autumn holidays and adds a welcoming sophistication to your surroundings. 




2. Striking Black

Let’s get back in black. Whether you combine it with burnt orange (another fall fav!) or go with a more classic black/white combination, black is the now neutral. It works in all areas of the home and goes with nearly every color. No wonder it’s a must-have.





3. Magnificent Mauve

Pale pink has met its match—mauve! Pair it with softer staples of gray, pink, or cream for a rich autumn update. 




4. Classic Neutrals

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to stash those summer whites. Instead, warm them up with shades of warm gray or cream. The classic combination is as soothing as a fall chia latte. Yum!



See something above you love? Find your fall favorites at Layers Bedding online or chooose your hues in person at Layers Bedding in Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah. 

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