Sheet Speak: How to Pick the Perfect Sheets & Keep Them Looking Great

Experience the night-and-day difference the right sheets can make to your sleep quality and the longevity of your linens. Choosing sheets goes far beyond bed size (though truly understanding size does help!). It’s also about understanding your sleep style and even your lifestyle. The pros at Layers Bedding have tips and tricks to help you make YOUR perfect bed. With this beducation lesson, you’ll be fluent in sheet-speak in no time.  

sheets at layers bedding


First thing’s first—the feel! There’s no right or wrong finish to fancy. For some, the secret to sweet dreams is silky sleep-cessories. For others, it’s a clean, crispness that catches the ZZZs. Rubbing sheets between your fingers isn’t the way to identify your fav finish, however. A good night’s sleep comes from understanding how a fabric’s weave works with your internal thermometer.

choosing the right sheets

To know what weave you need, think about the way you sleep. Are you a hot sleeper? If you crank the AC at night and still find yourself kicking off your bedding in your sleep, you likely need a sheet swap. You want sheets that breathe. Smart options include: linen, bamboo, or a nice cotton percale.


If, on the other hand, you’re cool as a cucumber at night, you’d be better off with a finish that holds heat in, such as jersey, flannel, or brushed microfiber.

With sheets that help maintain your temperature comfort zone, you’ll find you sleep much more soundly.

flannel sheets


There are few things more annoying than a fitted sheet that doesn’t stay put. If popping corners are disrupting your dreams, your sheets aren’t right for your mattress.  Once upon a time, sheets came in twin, full, queen, and king. Today, you’ll find sheet sizes such as twin XL, short queen, and even split king. If you aren’t sure what it all means, don’t hesitate to ask. While we carry the basic sizes in store, we can absolutely order specialty sizes, should you need them. If you’re unsure, come in with your mattress measurements in hand (or call for help remotely—801.562.1933).

TIP: When measuring your mattress, don’t forget to factor in its depth. Not all are equal. Some are 7” while others can be as thick as 20” + a 2” memory foam topper.


Now that you’ve got the fundamentals figured out, it’s time to talk cosmetics. Let’s look at some pros and cons of white sheets vs. colors/patterns.

fresh linens

WHITE PRO: White sheets are classic. Whether they’re a crisp cotton, a silky sateen, or a lush linen, white sheets never go out of style.

WHITE CON: White can lose its luster. The fear of dingy white is enough to scare off many bedding buyers.

TIP: If you shy away but long for white’s simplicity, you might want to invest in more than one set. This way, you can change your sheets out more often, extending the white life. Of course, the need for extra sheets could be considered a con.

floral sheets

COLOR/PATTERN PRO: If you long for a pop or color without extra throw pillows, fun sheets can be your simple solution. Simply fold the top layer of bedding back to reveal the cuteness waiting within. An added pro: this adds a layered look to your bed without the added weight of additional blankets.

COLOR/PATTERN PRO: Colored/patterned sheets are great at hiding dirt and spots. Same is true for hair and fur—great news for those who share their sleeping quarters with fur babies (or a hairy fella!).

COLOR/PATTERN CON: Color and pattern trends come and go, which can timestamp your bedding and limit its shelf life.


How often should I wash my sheets? We get this question often. We recommend washing your sheets at least once a week. Such suds work is good for the sheet quality (avoid the dinge) and your skin (avoid the acne). Plus, as much as we dislike even the word “sloughing,” we mustn’t forget the skin’s natural process that takes place during sleep. Best to wash that business right out of your bed on a regular basis.

sheets dog

Being in the bedding business, we’ve tried many different cleaners. OxyClean White Revive wins. It’s best to use it from the get-go. Contrary to the product’s name, it doesn’t bring dingy whites back to bright life, but it does help maintain whites so you can avoid the dinge to begin with.

Oh, and don't forget to treat spots and stains as soon as they happen. Letting them sit will increase the likelihood of them becoming permanent.

oxi clean white revive

We’ve enjoyed sharing some sheet speak with you. Feel free to continue the conversation here. Leave questions or your best tips in the comments. For face time, stop in our store at Gardner Village (or give us a call at 801.562.1933).

Shop our favorite sheets here.

Time to Gawk & Shop--NEW Spring Releases Coming!
spring 2019 trend prints
When it comes to your love affair with bedding and home decor, we know how the story goes. You spend time seeking sites, surveying stores, and gawking at gorgeous Instagram feeds. After you gawk, you shop, adding personal touches to your lovely home! It's a magical process. But did you know it actually starts with a pretty preface? Before photos are impeccably staged and store shelves are stocked with blankets, throws, quilts, and more, all is unveiled at buyers’ markets. The Las Vegas Market being one of the biggies. We recently returned from this massive trade show, which offers something for nearly every style. We happily combed through the cozy chaos to find the next best things for Layers Bedding. It’s a BIG job, but it's also an inspiring and energizing one. There’s a shared love of design in the air, and we delight in bringing that feeling home to you. Talk about a happy ending to this textured tale!
2019 spring home market 


Fresh off the winter Las Vegas Market, here’s a peek at some of what you can expect next in your beloved world of home and bedding trends for 2019. 



Just as we predicted in our last post, the winter market was loaded with captivating coral and other inviting shades of pink. 
2019 trend coral 
spring 2019 pom poms
pink pillows 


Good news! Just in time for the freshness of spring, coral seems to be accompanied by soothing shades of green. You often ask us for more of this earthy hue, and we’re delighted to deliver.
spring 2019 market_green
spring greens home decor 


As far as trend forecasting goes, we’ve talked tassels and trends before, so this one came as no surprise to us. Prepare to welcome more poms, threads, strings, and things! 
2019 bedding trends tassels 
spring 2019 pom pom trend 
tassel quilt 


We’ve been in a long season of solids and basic geometrics (stripes, dots, etc.). It’s refreshing to see a resurgence of prints. From bold florals to eye-catching elements, print play is on its way. 
2019 bedding trends florals 

Coming Soon! 

Prepare for some serious gawk & shop! We get new market goodies in all the time. For your gawk, keep an eye on our Instagram account for the latest. For the shop, visit our website and stop by our store located in gorgeous Gardner Village.
P.S. We know how you adore yummy linen sprays, detergents, candles, lotions, and other smell-good concoctions. We have a brand new assortment coming your way that you won't want to miss. It's divine!
popular soaps and cleaners
How to Show Yourself Love this Valentine's Day

volcano candle

“Self love”—an expression often used but rarely practiced. At Layers Bedding, we want to change that. This Valentine’s Day, tell Cupid to change the trajectory of his arrow from aiming for another to pointing directly back at you. Sure, it’s easy it is to dismiss such TLC. Ain’t nobody got time (or money) for that! We get it. But we aren’t talking a weekend away or an expensive spa package (as nice as those things sound). A greater impact can actually be made with just a few “you” minutes daily. This can be as simple as waking up five minutes earlier than you normally would to curl up in a cozy blanket with a good book. Or an intentional unwind at night, soaking in the tub with a candle lit. Practicing daily mindfulness can mean a dramatic shift in your overall happiness and ability to handle stress. See how that works? What might initially feel selfish is actually a selfless win for all involved. Nice! And what better time than the month of amoré to put such rituals into practice? So go ahead and hint drop. Send your valentine this gift guide. Better yet, treat yourself to some of our favorite home decor, bedding, and bath favorites.

SELF LOVE IDEA #1: Candlelight

Changing your atmosphere even slightly can greatly impact the calm factor of your home. Since it’s too chilly to open a window and welcome fresh air, a candle is an excellent option. Plus, both this coconut milk mango pineapple candle ($29.99) and the pink Volcano candle ($32.99) above look adorable AND leave your home smelling heavenly.

pineapple candle

SELF LOVE IDEA #2: Cozy Comfort

A super duper, softer-than-soft throw will turn any day around. This Sherpa throw ($24.99) is just the blanket to get such a job done. Sooooo cozy!

sherpa throw
The Sherpa is currently only available in store, but we have numerous comforting options in our online shop. This Wruffle Pink throw, for example, makes even Cupid's heart go pitter patter.

wruffle pink throw

Shop throws here.

SELF LOVE IDEA #3: A Warm Embrace

Look at you. Your candle is lit. Your muscles have relaxed after a soothing soak or hot shower. The only thing left is the comfort of a welcoming robe. This Frosted Fleece Robe ($89.99) is our favorite. It’s extremely comfortable without weighing you down in excess bulk.


SELF LOVE IDEA #4: You Gotta Have Heart

Bonus idea because, well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and we can’t resist. You’ve got your best blanket, your yummy candle is lit, and you’re wrapped in a comforting robe. Complete this soothing equation with your favorite indulgence on display in a happy heart-shaped dish. Love chocolate? Buy a bag of Hershey Kisses. Want a healthy snack? Grab those pistachios. Is a cup of hot tea your ticket to Relaxation Town? Those teabags sure would look cute in here. Whatever it is that offers you some pure pleasure will made all the better with a loving presentation.

wood heart dish

Just like that. You’re well on your way to some long overdue TLC. Of course, these soothing essentials make great gifts, too. Grab one item or combine a few into a self-love care package. Remind that certain someone special of their worth and that there’s no shame in the pampering game. Together, we can take this self-love mission far. And… exhale.

See more soothing options in person at our shop at Gardner Village and shop online assortment here.

Spring 2019 Trends for Your Home

colorful duvet

With a new year comes new bedding and home decor trends. We love the fresh energy 2019 is already ushering in. From calming coral to playful poms and tassels, your home is sure to feel alive with the must-have spring trends coming to Layers Bedding!


It’s the Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. Eye-catching coral is a truly compatible and happy hue!

pantone color of the year

image credit: pantone.com

Compatible? How exactly is a color compatible? Fair question. We simply mean it’s a color that pairs well with numerous other shades. Add it to navy for some striking contrast or go with a blush shade for a more soothing approach.

pine color pillows

Coral is also compatible in that it works well for all ages. There’s nothing sweeter than pops of coral in your babe’s nursery, while coral will also make your own bed all the more inviting!

dina duvet cover
Finally, coral is compatible in its placement. Whether it’s used in the central living space of your home or in the bedrooms, it will add elegance and warmth. Grab some new coral accent pillows for your bed or drape a cozy throw across your sofa for a bright pop of spring color.

Addison Sunset Throw

Shop This Look!

All of the above beauties are coming to Layers Bedding soon. In the meantime, adding crush-worthy coral to your home is as easy as checking our online shop. Here are just a few of our featured favs currently available:

1. The beautiful Bordeaux Qulit Set (includes pillow sham)

bordeaux quilt set

2. Brighten up any space with the happy Azalea Dot Pillow

azalea dot pillow

3. The Spruce quilet & sham set

spruce sham and quilt set

BEDDING & HOME DECOR TREND #2: Textured Neutrals

Tassels aren’t just for the pomp and circumstance of graduation. They also take your decor to the next level by adding movement and texture. Pom pom detailing adds to this playful look. And both tassels and poms will take any basic neutral to the next level.

teton asphalt quilt

Swoon! We’ve been crushing on the gorgeous Astrid Quilt (below) in natural for a long time. What a treat it is to see it being joined by other attractive options.

Astrid Quilt

It’s crazy how a little tassel can take a nice blanket and makes it an unforgettable one.

tasseled blanket

Accent pillows and throws seem to dance with delight when tassels are attached.

zion quilt

Of course, poms and tassels aren’t just meant for corners and edges. They add a textured finishing touch to the body of quilts, duvets, and accent pillows as well.
pom pom pillow
This is just a taste of the spring trends coming to Layers Bedding. Visit us in store at Gardner Village or shop our website for more of our favorite new items springing up!

Shop the Look!

Can't wait for this lively assortment of tassels and poms to come to Layers Bedding? You're in luck! There are many pom and tassel textures currently available on our website. Here are just a few of our favs to get you started:

1. The Pom Pom Quilt in slate

pom pom quilt slate

2. The Morse Coverlet

morse coverlet

3. The Omni Black & Ivory Pillow

omni black and ivory pillow


Five Ways to Layer Your Bed This Winter

the boyfriend coverlet

It’s officially winter. Time to layer! You can leave that outerwear in the closet—this is all about indoor layering. We’re here to help you bundle up your bedding. From quilts to coverlets to duvets, we have ideas for those who just want a little extra warmth to those who are looking to lay it on thick. Which combo category is calling your name?


LAYERS OPTION #1: Blanket or Coverlet/Duvet Combo



Do you tend to sleep hot or run cold? Can’t decide! Don't worry, this cooperative combo has your back. One layer is really thin for when you are sleeping hot, while the other is thick and fluffy for colder nights.


BEDUCATION TIP: A blanket or coverlet is typically the thinnest layer you'll add to your bed, so we recommend you place it first, covering your entire bed. From there, a folded duvet at the base of the bed is just the ticket. It will add some fluff and texture to your made bed during the day and be ready to warm you once night falls.


BEDUCATION TIP: If space allows, position a bench at the foot of your bed so you can easily move your duvet and give it the night off when you’re feeling warm. A footboard is another ideal option. Either will keep your added covers within arm’s reach should you need them. After all, the last thing you want to do when you’re freezing is get OUT of bed in search of warmth.







boyfriend coverlet

Well, hello there, handsome! The comfort of your fella's favorite shirt meets chic sophistication with The Boyfriend.



Eve Coverlet 

Ever the classy lady, Eve combines texture and elegance.



gradation ticking blanket 

Trade the pressure of the day's ticking clock with the comfort of the Gradation Ticking Blanket.


LAYERS OPTION #2: The Quilt/Duvet Combo

quilt duvet combination 

This bedding combo is very similar to the blanket or coverlet/duvet combo. The big difference is that quilts have batting, so this combo can potentially be the warmer solution. But the same layering technique applies—your quilt goes on first, covering the entire bed, and your duvet sits folded in a happy bundle at the foot of your bed.



LAYERS OPTION #3: Quilt/Quilt Combo

quilt layering 

Can’t stand a duvet? That’s okay! We know they’re not for everyone. It doesn’t mean you can’t take advantaged of doubled-up winter bedding. Simply apply two quilts. The first will cover your mattress, and the second will be ready and waiting at the end of your bed.


BEDUCATION TIP: When it comes to how to fold quilt #2, there are no rules. Fold in the half so it covers the bottom half of your bed, or fold it in half again (so it’s in fourths) and have just a strip draped across your bed’s base.





Brussels Quilt

Of all our quilts, the beautiful Brussels has to be our fluffiest and most cloud-like option. Heavenly!



Dale Linen Quilt


Dale Linen Quilt

If you love the classic look of linen, Dale is your BFF.



Caftan Quilt

Brighten up any space with the colorful Caftan Quilt.


LAYERS OPTION #4: Add a Comforter


Love a fluffy bed but don’t want to fight with (or spend added money on) a duvet cover? Add a comforter! Position it over your sheets and under your quilt, so it’s sandwiched between your top and bottom layers. This will help keep it clean, which is important. You don’t want to be regularly cleaning a comforter.




LAYERS OPTION #5: Start with the Sheets


Still feeling that nip of frost’s bite? Flannel sheets to the rescue! A nice, high quality set can be so soothing and welcoming at the end of a long day. If flannel feels a tad too heavy, our Brushed Microfiber Sheets are the stuff that dreams are made of. Either way you approach it, a good quality sheet can make all the difference!

micro fiber sheets


Ha! Take that, Old Man Winter! Added warmth is just a layer away. Find your ideal bedding combination on our Layers Bedding website or in store at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.

Layers Bedding Wishes You & Yours a Merry Christmas

merry christmas banner

We specialize in blankets, but our store's true warmth comes from you. Thank you for making our work such a joy. We've loved connecting with you this year and can't wait to see what 2019 holds. Until then, we wish you and yours a very safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

How to Successfully Pair Bright White & Cream Bedding

Contrary to what some may think, it IS okay to pair your bright white bedding with warmer shades of cream and ivory. Pulling off such a look just requires a little neutral knowhow.

white bedding


When pairing white with cream, it’s best to include multiple pieces of both shades. If you were to add a single cream pillow to an otherwise white bed (white quilt, white duvet, white pillows, etc.), for example, the pillow would feel random and out of place.

layers bedding at gardner village
Include contrast. If your white is too similar to your cream (as is the case with our what-not-to-do example above), your bed will appear mismatched and accidental. A deeper cream with a bright white is both intentional and interesting!

decorative pillows in white and cream

The added contrast makes a greater impact.
how to pair bedding


How do you keep a monochromatic look from falling flat? The trick is texture! In the absence of contrasting colors, a variety of bedding finishes and fabrics will add interest and depth. Go ahead and pair that wavy waffle coverlet with a seriously legit knit throw. Play with pom pillows and layer lace accents. Even if your bed is all one color, the mixing and matching of finishes will create cozy contrast and excitement!

textured bedding

Shop This Look

beducation texture tip: Avoid placing similar textures together. Doing so can lack definition and leave your bed looking busy and messy.

waffle bedding

This waffle white quilt paired with the waffle white throw lacks definition. It's hard to know where one stops and the other begins. Instead, opt for obviously contrasting shades. 

waffle quilt knit throw

Awww! Much better!

Shop This Look


Don’t complicate things with numerous shades of white and cream. Instead, use hues that are similar to each other (whites with like whites and creams with like creams). For example, you don’t want to use a bright white and a gray white or a yellow cream and a beige cream. Keep it consistent.

layers bedding

beducation color tip: We recommend avoiding creams that pull yellow, as they can be difficult to pair with white.


Introducing a third neutral shade is another way to up the interest without upsetting your monochromatic magic. The trick is sticking with common underlying tones. For example, if you use a white duvet and cream pillows in warm shades, go with a warm gray as your third color.

gray accent pillows

Just like that, you’ve mastered white space. Feeling, ahem, enlightened? Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere neutral bedding invokes. You’ll find the latest in neutral looks at Layers Bedding, both in store at Gardner Village and on our website at layersbedding.com.

Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Holiday happiness is in the details. Find that perfect something for that perfect someone at Layers Bedding. Don’t let our name fool you, our sweet surprises stretch beyond the bed and even the bedroom. Of course, we have you covered in the comfort/sleeping department as well. Find gift ideas for your girlfriends, expectant mothers, and other fabulous females in your life. Don’t worry, we aren’t forgetting those handsome fellas. We have the perfect suggestion to help your man unwind. Take a look, make your list, check it twice, and let the reindeer games begin!

layers bedding at gardner village

For your fab friend…

Give your girl some common scents. Volcano candles are popular crowd pleasers. Traditionally, you’ll find these candles and other fresheners in fierce blue.
lava candles
For a limited time, you can score glittery ravishing red hue as well. It’s the same Volcano smell you know and adore but with special seasonal style.
lava christmas candles
Candles are also available in smaller sizes, making this a nice surprise for your child’s teacher, a coworker… anyone on your list, really. Especially if you throw in a cute box of matches. Hip hip hoooray!
small lava candle

For your fella…

Sweet dreams are made of this. The Woven Down Blend Comforter will turn bedtime into the most popular time of day. What’s that? It already is? Well… this will make it all the sweeter. And comfier!
woven comforter
Want to up your game? Add a couple of new pillows to the equation. (P.S. Giving your guy divine bedding for the bed you share means you’re also treating yourself. Shhh… We won’t tell! Winner, winner, Christmas dinner!)

For that hostess with the mostess…

A night off from cooking, fun away from home, AND no clean-up duty? That’s definitely worth rewarding. Show your party host your gratitude with a striking tea towel. Layers Bedding has several stylish holiday options. Find your favorites in store.
christmas dish towel

For the expectant mother…

At Christmas and any other time of year, you’ll find a bundle of bright ideas for baby (and baby’s beautiful mama!) at Layers. From decorative pillows and throws to swaddle blankets, stuffed animal friends, and more, we’re your bright baby spot.
new baby gifts

For your family…

Pile on the warmth with a new throw. They make movie nights nicer, Christmas morning cozier, and life in general prettier.
layers bedding throws

Well, that’s the gist of this list. Check out Layers Bedding online or in store at Gardner Village for more ho-ho-ho holiday shopping.

Give Your Guests & Guest Room the 5-Star Treatment

how to prepare for houseguests

Give your houseguests an experience they won’t forget with these guest-ready tips. From bedding basics and bathroom essentials to your own DIY minibar, we have pointers that will make yours THE place to sleep this holiday season and all year through. 


bedding basics



Whether it be a guest bedroom or a blow-up mattress in the family room, the key to comfort is covers! You never know if your guest will sleep hot or cold. With extra layers within arm’s reach, they’re sure to be comfortable no matter their sleep style.

layers bedding

beducation bonus: Keep a thin layer, such as a quilt or coverlet, on your guest bed, and layer a heavier/warmer cover option, such as a duvet, across the bottom of the bed—something your guest can pull up for added warmth.


Awww... Freshly cleaned sheets can't be beat! Especially high-quality sheets, such as our brushed microfiber sheets, which feel like an inviting bedtime embrace! They’re inexpensive and stain/wrinkle resistant, making them the perfect guest-room choice.

luxury sheets

beducation bonus: We recommend freshly washed linens, as sheets can become stale sitting in a closet.


Nothing is worse than sleeping in a bed that’s short on sleeping pillows. Okay… so there are a few worse things in life, but this dilemma can definitely put a damper on guest comfort. Believe it or not, some people sleep with as many as four pillows. (The things you learn working in a bedding store. ;)) Keep your guest sleeping quarters well stocked in the pillow department.

guest room tips

beducation bonus: We suggest down alternative pillows for a guest bed. You never know if your guest will have an allergy to down. (Down throw pillows should be fine; just be aware of items your guest will use for sleeping.)

beyond the bed


Take your lead from your favorite hotel and keep extra toiletries on hand in case your guest forgets something. Contain such essentials in a cute basket displayed in the guest sleeping area specifically. This will tell your friends that these are meant for them. Of course, you can always say as much as you’re helping your company get settled.

bath basket
These are meant for you, friends. Take. Use. Keep. Enjoy!


Don’t forget bathroom must-haves in the guest loo. The shower should be on the ready with full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Beyond the bath, stock those shelves with easy-to-find towels, cotton swabs, tissues, and feminine products. As you welcome your friends, assure them these items are meant for them.

Psst… Another great thing to have in your guests bathroom is a plunger. It’s the last thing someone wants to ask for, after all.


Another hotel-inspired must: a designated luggage location. From hooks for bags and coats to extra hangers to a luggage rack or bench for suitcases, offering a place for peeps to unpack is a thoughtful finishing touch in any guest space.

luggage rack

beducation bonus: A bench placed at the foot of the bed also provides a spot to place decorative pillows when it comes time to hit the hay. Visit Layers Bedding in store to see our many style options.

 bedroom bench



Connections welcome! Have your WiFi password on display so those staying with you can easily connect.

wifi password display

beducation bonus: Boring sticky note, be gone. Display your WiFi password in a cute frame for a little extra pizazz.  


As grandma would say, a well fed guest is a happy guest!

diy minibar

This at-home minibar is the best of both worlds—tasty treats without the outrageous hotel expense. So go ahead and eat, drink, and be merry! 


The last thing you want is a loved one stubbing his or her toe as they make their way from your light switch to your bed. These are uncharted waters, after all. And a well placed bedside lamp is your life preserver. Another nightstand must-have: extra phone chargers and/or easy access to a power source (outlet or extension chord).

nightstand decor ideas

beducation bonus: Go the extra mile with a strategically placed carafe for water. Better yet, opt for a carafe with a cup for its lid.

nightstand must-haves

There you have it! With this list of guest go-tos in place, you’ll be the hottest stay in town. Stop by Layers Bedding in Gardner Village or visit us online for the latest in bedroom looks and at-home ideas.


Five Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

Sweater weather? More like cozy-bedding weather! Use these five simple tips to make your home feel as warm as an inviting hug.


1. Try On Texture

Fall is about all the feels. From wonderful wool to hip knit, texture is an easy way to add warmth to your home. 


You can even add texture to your wall with a woven wall hanging. 


2. Flip Your Bedding Calendar

As you flip the calendar from summer to fall, flip your bedding as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean an overhaul. Sometimes a simple accent pillow adjustment can make all the difference. Take a look!

By swapping the bright yellow and teal with burnt orange and gray/green, the bed takes on a richer autumn appearance. 


3. Make it a Duvet Kind of Day

Just as you layer your clothing this time of year, layer your bedding. Place a duvet over your quilt but not layer for layer. Instead, fold it at the bottom of your bed for a lofty, inviting finish. If you get cool at night, it’s ready and waiting. 


See our complete collection of duvets to find your perfect match!

4. Throw On a Throw

Time for the top coat. Whether draped across the base of your bed or along the side of your sofa, a throw adds so much. It’s an inexpensive way to make a big impact. And keep your feet warm! 


We have a throw for every budget. Believe it or not, the SUPER soft (and cute!) Sherpa Pompom Throw below is only $19.99!

Seriously! If you want to stock up with holiday presents, hostess gifts, and more, you'll find the gray option here, the pretty pink here, and the classic white right here. Happy shopping!  

5. Choose Fall Hues

Adding autumn colors will absolutely warm up any space. See our Top 4 Fall Hues to Use for our favorite color picks this season. 



See something you love above? Check out Layers Bedding online or visit us in store at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah.