Layers Cover Examples

Learn how to talk the talk of the bedding world. Not only will you walk away bed-savvy, but you'll also be able to shop smarter.

Layers Cover Examples

Covers come in all sizes and feels at Layers Bedding - gain a little insight into who's on your bed and what they're made of.

Layers Pillows

Get your pillow obsession started off right by understanding what they're called and how we recommend setting them up.

Layers Care Instructions

Our recommendation for taking care of your new Layers Bedding investment. 

Layers Inspiration

Bedding comes in all shapes and sizes - check out some of our most recent setups to get inspired for your own dream bed.

Layers Design Bedding Help

We don't all have an eye for design, but sometimes all it takes a few deep breaths and a little push in the right direction.